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The Bigger The Hair… The Better!

We all know the saying! Want voluminous hair, but struggle with flat lifeless styles no matter what you do? We have two styling products that will be a game changer in your morning routine. They’ll leave you with voluminous hair that lasts all day!

Thickening Volume Mist

Achieve effortless volume to give hair exceptional body and bounce with our Thickening Volume Mist! A styling aid that will accentuate your color’s shine and radiance through a botanical infusion! Black Castor Oil and Pea Protein are the key ingredients which work together to keep your hair soft and promote hair growth. Black Castor Oil is rich in beneficial compounds like antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins. This is a prime ingredient which helps reduce frizz and improve hair texture to keep it manageable! Pea Protein is rich in essential amino acids that play a role in forming nutritive structure around hair strands to maintain a healthy appearance! Thickening Volume Mist helps with the longevity of your style, has high humidity resistance, high flexibility, adds volume, color protection, and thermal protection. It also provides benefits such as excellent hold and a smooth feel! For best results spray this Thickening Mist from roots to ends and blow dry with a round brush for maximum volume!

Volumizing Mousse

Our Volumizing Mousse is second to none! This ultra light styling mousse is great for fine to medium hair and will help you achieve a bouncy voluminous style. Nourishing extracts of Kiwi Fruit and Algae infuse hair with shine and vibrancy, while helping accentuate your color’s hue and radiance! Kiwi Fruit Extract is packed with vitamins C and E. These two vitamins help to improve an overall healthy appearance by providing vital nutrients to the hair. Algae Extract contains vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, niacin, and iron which help strengthen and hydrate hair. Volumizing Mousse is perfect to add from roots to ends prior to your blowout and will help your style look soft, full, and voluminous! We recommend adding an extra pump or two directly to the roots for maximum results! This will help you achieve maximum volume and lift for blowouts, but is perfect to apply on wavy hair for an air-dried style that provides volume, texture, and medium hold! Whether using a blow dryer or air drying your hair, this mousse provides thermal protection and fights frizz to keep your full style lasting all day!

Using our Thickening Volume Mist and Volumizing Mousse together is the perfect combo to help you achieve those voluminous hair goals. Say goodbye to lifeless hair and say hello to voluminous beautiful locks with a duo that will bring the height! You know what they say…

The Bigger, The Better! The flattest of strands can be transformed into a beautiful mane and it has never been easier than with Shibui!


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