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color is everything.

We love your color. From rich, bold brunettes to radiant reds, beautiful color evokes happiness & confidence. This is why Shibui developed its Core 4 Color Complex™ to help protect, prolong, and enhance every hue under the sun.


This proprietary blend of four color-quenching ingredients is a safe & essential piece of every Shibui formula and helps ensure your favorite tones continue to transcend.

Image by Camille Brodard

Core 4 Color Complex

This is the heart of Shibui’s color care. Our proprietary blend of 4 essential ingredients was specifically chosen to enhance and retain beautiful hair color, and it’s in every Shibui formula.

Oat Oil

• Rich in vitamins, minerals, & fatty acids

• Conditions dry scalp & seals in moisture

• Gluten Free

• Helps enhance hair color

Bamboo Extract

• High silica content

• Promotes strength & thickness

• Softens hair

• Retains moisture


Rice Seed Protein

• Helps sustain hair strength & flexibility

• Volumizing agent

• Maintains shine

• Detangles

Vegan Tripeptides

• Helps strengthen hair

• Improves elasticity

• Moisturizes hair follicles

• Helps reduce hair breakage


The Shibui Difference

The difference between Shibui Conscious Color Care and other brands is incredible:


Other Hair Care

Shibui Hair Care


Shibui is the new vision for maintaining colored or treated hair; devoted to not only protecting beauty, but the overall health and wellness of your hair. The Shibui line is specifically made to condition, strengthen, smooth, and nourish your hair with each use. It locks in your color maintaining depth, luster, and shine. With the addition of Shibui into your hair care regimen, your color's vibrancy will stay true to tone longer.

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