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Hello, Shibeauty.

Hello Summer, Hello Shibeauty Blog.

From the word Shibui: “an aesthetic of simple, unobtrusive beauty.”

Indulge in the ultimate summer experience with the debut of our Shibeauty Blog! As connoisseurs of color care, we are thrilled to present our opulent collection, already beloved by many. To our newcomers, a warm and lavish welcome awaits! <3 Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Shibui and discover the unparalleled elegance of our products.

We have gone back to nature’s drawing board, embracing botanically rich color care that is safe, ethical, and beautiful. Beyond clean beauty, a new level of conscious color care is redefining what it means to be “beautiful.” Shibui believes in a philosophy built upon seven elements: Simplicity, Implicity, Modesty, Naturalness, Everydayness, Imperfection, & Sincerity. Our commitment to clean beauty standards is unmatched and we take pride in delivering only the purest and most trustworthy ingredients to nourish and maintain your hair's pristine condition. Our foundation on clean and unobtrusive beauty holds true in every aspect, even down to the fragrances. Our "simply scented" products are expertly infused with natural, custom-blended essential oils and extracts. With synthetic-free fragrances, we have managed to create soft, clean scents that are the most trusted in our industry. From our minimalist packaging to our naturally scented products, every aspect of Shibui exudes elegance and refinement. The foundation of our formulas is rooted in our Core 4 Color Complex, comprising of Vegan Tripeptides, Oat Oil, Bamboo Extract, and Rice Seed Protein - each meticulously selected for their unparalleled benefits to hair health. Be sure to check back for a future blog post where we delve into each of these ingredients in more detail, but for now, trust that the Core 4 Color Complex is the quintessential blend for strong, beautiful hair that radiates luxury.

Conscious Color Care done right. Our products are crafted to uphold the integrity of your hair's color while elevating it to new heights of radiance and protection. Ethically sourced ingredients blend seamlessly to preserve your color while enhancing softness, leaving your hair with a healthy, luminous glow. Infused with our signature, custom-blended essential oils, your hair will not only feel luxurious but smell heavenly too. Shibui provides a guilt-free, clean beauty experience that you can indulge in without hesitation. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a world of opulent and sustainable hair care.

This summer, prepare to be swept away by one of the most exceptional clean beauty brands to grace the industry; Embark on a journey of beyond-clean beauty with Shibui. Explore our 'Products' tab on our website and discover the sheer indulgence of our current offerings. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Shibeauty Blogs, where we will unveil the essence of our brand and keep you informed of the latest in the clean beauty world. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at for real-time updates and exclusive product launches. We are thrilled for you to experience what Shibui has to offer, as we’ve set the bar high for ourselves and for you - because your standards deserve nothing but the best. Prepare to be captivated by the transformative power of clean beauty with Shibui.


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