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Get Gorgeous Hair with Shibui's 2 New Shampoos: Clarifying & Violet Toning

Great hair days start with a solid foundation, and at Shibui, we believe in empowering your locks with the care they deserve. We are thrilled to introduce our latest products – the Clarifying Shampoo and Violet Toning Shampoo. These two power-packed products are designed to elevate your hair care routine, leaving you with refreshed, vibrant, and beautifully toned locks. Let's dive into the world of these game-changing shampoos and discover the magic they bring to your tresses.

The Clarifying Shampoo: A Deep Cleanse Like No Other

Every now and then, our hair needs a reset from the build-up of styling products, pollutants, and natural oils. Enter the Shibui Hair Clarifying Shampoo – your ticket to a deep cleanse that revitalizes your hair from root to tip.

Key Features:

  • Prepares Hair for Treatments: Before performing color treatments, perms, or other chemical services, stylists often use a clarifying shampoo to ensure the hair is free from residues that can interfere with these processes. It creates a clean canvas for subsequent treatments, ensuring better results.

  • Balances Oily Scalp: For clients with oily scalps, a clarifying shampoo is a valuable tool. It helps to balance excess oil production, leaving the scalp feeling clean and refreshed. This is especially beneficial for clients who struggle with oily hair between regular washes.

  • Deeply Cleanses the Hair: Ideal for those who want to get rid of product buildup or just get an extra deep cleanse. This shampoo helps eliminate oils, dirt, environmental pollutions, and many other trace minerals leaving you with shinier and healthier looking hair.

The Violet Toning Shampoo: Banish Brassiness, Embrace Radiance

Blondes, silvers, and anyone with light-colored hair – meet your new best friend. Our Violet Toning Shampoo is here to keep your hair looking cool, vibrant, and free from unwanted brassiness.

Key Features:

  • Extends the Life of Your Blonde: Use between salon visits as a maintenance product to remove any of the yellow or gold tones with this non-drying formula. It helps enhance and maintain those cool undertones making it appear more fresh.

  • Neutralizes Yellow and Brassy Tones: The primary benefit of violet toning shampoo is its ability to neutralize unwanted yellow or brassy tones in blonde, silver, or gray hair. It leaves hair cooler and more vibrant.

  • Shinier and Healthier Looking Locks: This shampoo contributes to the maintenance of clean and hydrated hair by effectively cleansing the strands, which is essential for vibrant and glossy hair.


How to Use the Duo for Maximum Results:

For a complete hair transformation, incorporate both the Clarifying Shampoo and Violet Toning Shampoo into your routine.

  • Clarify with Precision: Use the Clarifying Shampoo once a week to deeply cleanse your hair. Apply to damp hair concentrating on the areas prone to buildup like the roots. Lather gently for 1 minute & let sit for 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly & follow with Shibui Conditioner.

  • Tone and Transform: Use the Violet Toning Shampoo as needed to keep your color looking fresh and vibrant. Apply to damp hair concentrating on the mid-lengths and move towards the top of the head. Then work through to the ends. Lather & let sit for 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse & follow with Shibui Conditioner.


At Shibui Hair, we understand the importance of a hair care routine that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Our Clarifying Shampoo and Violet Toning Shampoo are meticulously crafted to deliver results that speak for themselves – refreshed, revitalized, and beautifully toned locks that radiate health and beauty. Try our new shampoos today and embark on a journey to hair perfection. Your hair will thank you for it!

With love,

Shibui 🤍


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