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Peptide Polish: Why You Need It

Anti-Humidity Treatment

Achieve the pinnacle of hair perfection with Peptide Polish, a heat-activated anti-frizz treatment designed to transform dull, unruly hair into smooth, glossy strands. As the humidity rises to unprecedented levels, bid farewell to frizz and embrace the radiant beauty of your hair. This innovative product offers all the benefits of a Brazilian Blowout without the use of harsh ingredients. Prepare to dazzle with irresistibly frizz-free hair throughout the upcoming warmer months.

Why You Need It

Peptide Polish is a lightweight and heat-activated product that enhances color. It forms an anti-humidity shield on the hair to close the cuticle and lock in color, preserving it just a little longer. Its advanced thermal protection properties ensure that your hair remains vibrant, while simultaneously imparting a luminous shine and taming frizz, even in the most humid conditions. Enriched with our signature Core 4 Complex Ingredients, Peptide Polish is infused with a custom natural fragrance of a fresh, clean, and renewing scent with floral notes of cherry blossom, delivering an exquisite sensory experience. What's the Core 4 Color Complex? Each of our Shibui products contains 4 key ingredients that make up our Core 4 Complex; Vegan Tripeptides work tirelessly to strengthen your hair, ensuring it looks and feels its absolute best. Oat Oil acts as a formidable guardian, pro

tecting your hair color and prolonging its vibrancy. Bamboo Extract adds a touch of luxurious softness to your locks, making them irresistibly smooth. Rice Seed Protein, a natural detangler, enriches your hair with a radiant shine. These four exceptional ingredients are the driving force behind the remarkable efficacy of Shibui products, imbuing the Peptide Polish with additional benefits.

Why We Love It

Beyond combating frizz, our Peptide Polish offers a multitude of added benefits for your hair. We all invest considerable resources to achieve our desired hair color, only to see it fade away due to the use of harsh, damaging products– a serious buzz kill. The Peptide Polish, on the other hand, enhances your color, ensuring it maintains its brilliance over time. With its gentle and clean formulation, you can confidently use this product without worrying about any adverse effects on your precious color over time. While the primary features of Peptide Polish lie in its ability to fight humidity and leave your hair with a sleek, polished finish, it is truly suitable for all hair types. Whether you have unruly tresses that crave extra care or simply desire a reliable product to lock in a sleek style, Peptide Polish caters to your needs. Its weightless finish is ideal for even the finest hair, guaranteeing smooth and silky strands. Best of all, the results of using Peptide Polish endure for up to three washes, ensuring long-lasting hair perfection.

How To Use It

To unleash the full potential of Peptide Polish, heat activation is essential. Follow these simple steps, accompanied by the corresponding icons, to unlock the transformative power of this remarkable product:

1. Spray liberally from roots to ends on clean, towel-dried hair.

*Avoid applying other styling products at the same time.*

2. Comb the product through your hair, ensuring complete saturation for maximum effectiveness.

3. Using a brush to keep your hair taut, blow-dry section by section until each segment is thoroughly dry.

Whether you are planning a vacation to a humid island paradise, preparing for the must-have essentials of summer, or simply seeking to elevate your current hair care regimen with a touch of sophistication, Shibui's Peptide Polish is the epitome of unrivaled opulence. Bid farewell to frizzy hair and say hello to an era of silky, smooth tresses that exude effortless elegance. It's time to embrace the transformative power of Peptide Polish and indulge in the luxury your hair truly deserves.


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